Welcome to the Motivated Cognition and Aging Brain Lab at Yale University directed by Gregory Samanez-Larkin, Assistant Professor of Psychology. Research in the lab examines how individual and age differences in motivation and cognition influence decision making across the life span. Our research is at the intersection of a number of subfields within psychology, neuroscience, and economics including human development, affective science, cognitive neuroscience, behavioral economics, and finance. We use a combination of behavioral and neuroimaging techniques ranging from detailed measurement of functional brain activity (fMRI) and neuroreceptors (PET) in the laboratory to experience sampling in everyday life. Our behavioral lab and offices are located in the Department of Psychology and we conduct our neuroimaging research at the Yale Magnetic Resonance Research Center and the Yale PET Center.

The long-term goal of our research is to improve health and well being in daily life. We are at a unique moment in human history where demographic changes are and will continue to drastically alter the profile of decision makers in the population. To the extent that we can respond to the immediate demand for integrative and translational research, we as scientists have the potential to make major contributions to improving the well being of humans of all ages.